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Class Projects

Station Broadcast

Duration: 3 minutes 59 seconds

With the Station Broadcast assignment I was a bit un-easy about doing this. Mid way through the assignment I really started enjoying it. Even now when I look back on it, I find myself laughing at me. If I had a bit more time, I believe I could have made this a whole lot better...

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Duration: 1 minutes 30 seconds

In this assignment we was taked to create a infomercial using the program iMovie on our Mac Book Pro. Using clipping, splicing, and other editing methods. I learned. Of the programs we utilized this month I really like working with iMovie...

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Duration: 1 minutes 06 seconds

The Commercial assignment was quite the challenge for myself. If there was a redo of sort this would be the one I would choice. This was only my second time ever using Adobe Premiere and was a challenge...

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