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Full list of services we offer.

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Here you will find a full list of services Matrix Web Designers, offer. If you have any questions on any of our services, please feel free to Contact Us at anytime.

Elegant Websites

Our clients want and deserve not only functional error free websites, but also a website that stands out above the rest. Sure anyone can use a free service to generate a website. The biggest downfall with these Free services is that the majority of the time you can't customize much of anything. The other thing is these services are typically not Search Engine Friendly (SEO).

Every website that Matrix Web Designers builds is, 100% SEO friendly. Let's face it, in today's market a business owner has to do everything possible to get good search engine rankings. Why have a site that isn't nice to search engines?

Responsive Layout

Is your website ready for mobile devices? Every site that we do is mobile ready. There is two way we do that, we will explain. The first way is using what we call responsive designing. This means that there is no special mobile only version and each page uses the same markup or HTML. Using this method saves time when coding because method two is a mobile only version. This means that when a user comes to a website they are redirected to a mobile only version. i.e. This method is good but only if your site needs what we call a "web app". Otherwise theres a lot more things going on that could be reduce, and in the long run save you lots of cash. Not to confuse anyone but the things to keep in mind on which method to use are; What the site is about, things the site will perform, targeted audience, and so on.. If in doubt please Contact Us and we will be happy to assist you.

The websites that Matrix Web Designers build and design are SEO friendly, they're also Mobile Friendly as well. A recent article showed that Google bases some of it page ranking on wither or not a site is mobile friendly. Is your site mobile friendly? Ours, and our clients are. Just navigate to our site on your mobile device or tablet, and see for yourself.

Awesome Logos

Are you in need of an awesome logo? We can help you with that to. We will gather some info about your business, converse on your ideas for a design, and start putting something to gather for you. We have in the past created some really sweet looking logos checkout our Logo Design on our Portfolio page


Okay, your website is built, great! So, now what do I do? The rule of thumb is just because you build it will they really come? We all hope so, but unfortunately that's not how things work. Marketing in general terms is really a full time job in and of itself. There is online and offline marketing, and there needs to be a balance between them.

If your business needs help with your online marketing strategy Matrix Web Designers can you! Contact Us and tell us what you goals and conversions need to be, and we can help you get there.

We also do PC repair work to!

You probably could have guessed that one. Yup that's right we also do computer repairs to. When were not writing code, were fixing computers. We do just about everything you can think of with computers in general to be honest. Types of repairs we do are hard drive replacement, data backups, virus removal, R.A.M.(memory) upgrades, we can even build you one from scratch.

Free Stuff

Yup, that's right, we got some FREE stuff coming up. What kind of free stuff? Ssshh, that's top secret. But a little birdie told me that it's will include templates, and some other cool stuff.

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