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Add a photo gallery to Magento using Photobox

March 15, 2015

What is Photobox CSS3 JQuery plugin? Photobox is a lightweight image gallery modal window script which uses only CSS3 for silky-smooth animations…

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Magento 500 Internal Server Error

February 8, 2015

Often times, when a Magento 500 Internal Server Error happens is when you use the Magento admin to create backups, for instance when you…

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Magento Payment on Pickup Free Extension

February 7, 2015

Working on a client’s website whom wanted to have an in store pick up, and or pay. We came across this little…

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How to take a screen shot with a PC or Mac

January 15, 2014

Today we will explain how to take a screen shot with a windows based pc and a Mac….

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How-to make a sticky header or bar in a wordpress theme

We will show you how-to accomplish this in just a few simple lines of code.
For this example we will be using the default Bootstrap sticky menu. You can modify this to meet your theme’s needs and or not even use Bootstrap.
First off, open your theme’s header.php ……..

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Installing Magento with Sample Products

August 31, 2013

I recently installed the Magento shopping cart software for a few reasons. One, I wanted to check it out to see what the hype was. Secondly, after I found out some of the original developers of osCommerce whom had left the team developed Magento, I just had to.

In this article I will explain how to do a fresh install of Magento that has products already in it for viewing. So, lets get started shall we.

First things first, we need …

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Routes with CodeIgniter

August 28, 2013

Using Routes with CodeIgniter helps us with the URL structure of our site. Below you will find out exactly what is a Route, and how to implement them in you CodeIgniter application. The default url structure is as discribed by CodeIgniters documentation. We will make them like in this article….

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