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Special Offer

Special Offer for those who use,, or other free website publishing sites. We are here to offer you a customized solution pending on your audience, and needs. With today’s censorship and the #moderndaybookburning, the #truth movement, and #alternativemedia … Continue reading

WooCommerce Live Search Downloads

We want to keep this as a free plugin and only ask for a small donation. If you feel this plugin helps you, your website, or your company then please consider a small donation. Any amount will be greatly appreciated.

WooCommerce Hide Categories On Shop Page

A client of our requested a feature to hide certain WooCommerce categories from their shops main page. While this is a fairly easy task using your functions.php file and woocomerce plugin functions, we wanted a user friendly, easily updatable solution. … Continue reading

Custom WordPress Homepage widget area with Bootstrap

This tutorial we will show you how to implement a custom WordPress homepage and footer widget areas. These widget areas will auto conform using the boostrap grid system based on the number of widgets. Adding a new function to your … Continue reading

Adding a version number to WooCommerce Downloads Table using custom fields

Recently we where challenged to find how to add a version number to WooCommerce Downloads table from with the my account section. After a quick search through Google, which yielded no favorable results we ended up creating our own solution. … Continue reading

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