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Migrate DB shows Set Time Limit error

Posted on by MWD

Using as a ServerPilot alternative we used a WordPress Plugin called Migrate DB. However, when we went to export the DB contents we got this PHP error PHP Function Disabled — The set_time_limit() function is currently disabled on your server. To fix … Continue reading

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Custom WordPress Homepage widget area with Bootstrap

Posted on by MWD

This tutorial we will show you how to implement a custom WordPress homepage and footer widget areas. These widget areas will auto conform using the boostrap grid system based on the number of widgets. Adding a new function to your … Continue reading

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Adding a version number to WooCommerce Downloads Table using custom fields

Posted on by MWD

Recently we where challenged to find how to add a version number to WooCommerce Downloads table from with the my account section. After a quick search through Google, which yielded no favorable results we ended up creating our own solution. … Continue reading

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How-to make a sticky header or bar in a wordpress theme

Posted on by MWD

We will show you how-to accomplish this in just a few simple lines of code.
For this example we will be using the default Bootstrap sticky menu. You can modify this to meet your theme’s needs and or not even use Bootstrap.
First off, open your theme’s header.php ….. Continue reading

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