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How to take a screen shot with a PC or Mac

Today we will explain how to take a screen shot with a PC or Mac.

PC: Use your keyboard and hit control and the print screen key (located near the delete key)
Then open up paint or whatever image software you have
Then in the blank window hit control and v (this means paste ie like right click and select paste)
Then adjust your image size to your likings (be careful though if you go to far ms paint doesn’t like to scale up without pixel loss)
Lastly you can edit it, add stuff to it, highlight, etc.

Mac: Super easy
Hit command and 3 for full screen screen shot or
command and 4 for a selected screen shot then use your mouse to highlight the area you want to take a pic of.

After reading this I can only bet that windows(PC) users wish that taking a simple screen shot was as easy as it is on a Mac computer.

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