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Using Font Awesome in Photoshop

For those of us designers who love using Font Awesome icons, using Font Awesome in Photoshop is actually pretty simple. In fact its really only a 3 step process to get started. So lets not waste anymore time shall we.

First if you haven’t done so yet, go grab a copy of the latest version of Font Awesome at

Next unzip the contents and install the font within the Font folder.

Once you have that done head on over to the cheat sheet (we advise you book mark this page, you will be using it a lot)

Now the fun part, adding it to your design, this is the easy part. Locate your desired icon from the cheat sheet from above, and select it as if you were going to copy and paste it (Mac – command + c, PC – control +c) copy it. Now head over to your photoshop design and initialize your font tool. Finally paste it (Mac – command + v, PC – control + v).

There yah go, you now have Font Awesome in Photoshop.

NOTE: If by chance it shows a square of sort with an X in it, highlight it and in your font options menu in photoshop select Font Awesome.

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