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WordPress Shortcodes for Rumble Videos

With the lack of alternative video platform support, we created a simple, easy-to-use plugin to support the Rumble Video platform.

Whilst there are other plugins that do support Rumble, we found that not all plugins play nice together. While updating a client’s site that was using Elementor Page builder (not by our choice), they also had ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder. This is a great plugin, but support for Elementor wasn’t there. Honestly, we don’t blame them but, we will leave our personal opinion out for now.

The Rumble Video Shortcode plugin is extremely lightweight and easy to use.

Example of all options within the shortcode. The only thing that is required is the embed URL link.

[rumblevid url="" poster=false overlay="/path/to/image.png" width="60%" height="80%"]

url = full url to rumbles embed link. You can attain it there by clicking the share button.
poster = Can be True, False, “0”, or “1”
overlay = Can be a relative URL if using an image hosted on your server, else full URL path with http:// and is required if poster is false or 0,
width and height = The video is by default responsive but, if you must, you can use either pixels or percentages to override height/width, and is applied to the container div.

This plugin is free but if you would like to donate you may do so here:

You may download the plugin here: Rumble WordPress Shortcode Plugin

Updates will be released as needed.

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